Why Choose Windsong Farm?

The quality of our produce is unmatched because our soils have been maintained organically for over forty years. You choose what you want and how much you want of it each week. Our on-farm pickup system is convenient and flexible.

How is our produce different from organic vegetables you purchase at Whole Foods or other grocery stores? It is vastly more nutritious because of our focus on soil health; if the soil biology isn’t functioning, then the plants can’t be healthy. If the minerals needed for maximum nutrition aren’t in the soil, then they aren’t in the plants, and are missing from the produce we eat. We believe that healthy soil translates directly into healthier people, and our goal is to grow the tastiest and most nutritious produce and provide it at its freshest directly to you.

Did you know that produce starts losing nutritional value the instant it is harvested? Vegetables that you purchase in a store have been out of the field for at least five days (and probably a whole lot longer). Our crops are harvested and distributed at the peak of ripeness; your share is harvested the day (or sometimes the day before) you receive it. You can’t get any fresher or more nutritious than that!