2016 Harvest Calendar

The 2017 Harvest Calendar is being created now. Distribution will start late April and run through to the week before Thanksgiving. There will be a two week break at the end of June, from June 21 through July 5. The new calendar will be similar to, but not identical with, the 2016 calendar depicted below. There will be a few crop additions (and possibility a deletion or two).

Our current plan is to start distribution for Sustaining and Premium members in mid-April and continue through to Thanksgiving week. Regular members will receive shares from early June through the end of October. Here’s a chart of our weekly harvest plan (remember with farming, there’s no guarantee!).


Week of 7/20

Reliable chard and kale continue to produce. Zucchini and cucumbers are coming in. There’s still lettuce, scallions, and basil. Signs of red are appearing on some of the grape tomatoes, so it shouldn’t be long now. Garlic is curing and will be ready in about three weeks, and shallots are now ready for distribution. The winter squash is germinating and the watermelons are taking off. Things are looking pretty good!

Week of 10/19

New this week is a small quantity of kale; it is absolutely beautiful. I’ve been growing it under row covers so there is almost no insect damage. Kale loves this cooler weather. The tomatoes and zucchini and watermelon are just about finished. If it frosts tomorrow night, they will be done. I’ve got some stocked up (particularly watermelon), so there are a couple more weeks of distribution left. But the season is definitely winding down.

Week of 10/5

There’s still some zucchini, though it is producing less and less. I’m guessing we still have a week or two left. We have plenty of tomatoes, beefsteak, salad, and cherry. Swiss chard is going strong and the watermelons continue to ripen. The kale that I planted last month is growing well, and should be ready for harvest in a couple of weeks. We are now officially out of garlic.

Week of 9/28

Watermelons! I’ve been testing them for the last 2 weeks and I think this week they will be ready. I’ve also got some hardy kiwifruit. It needs to sit on the counter for as much as a week to finish ripening. You’ll know they are ready when the skin just begins to turn leathery and they give a little under pressure; when they are really soft, they’ve gotten a little too ripe, but are still edible. They aren’t terribly pretty, but they taste wonderful and are packed with vitamins! No need to peel them, you can eat them as is, skin and all.

We also still have plenty of tomatoes, both cherry and beefsteak heirlooms, and swiss chard. I’m harvesting fewer and fewer zucchinis, but we still have some. Garlic is still available, but we are getting close to the bottom of the barrel.

Week of 9/21

This week we’re harvesting quarts of mixed cherry tomatoes, and the first of the large colored heirlooms are (finally) ripening. There is still a little zucchini left, as well as garlic. The watermelons look promising and should be ready in the next week or two.